Chief Tools

Tools helping you manage and monitor your infrastructure.

Cert Chief monitors certificates and gives you a heads up when an expired cert and/or bad configuration is detected on your host.

Deploy your apps from GitHub, GitLab and/or Bitbucket to your servers with zero downtime. Built for PHP and Laravel.

It's just a url shortener really... it's tiny! Includes a simple to use UI, full API, clicks tracking, domain redirects and custom domains.

Server Chief helps you manage your servers by executing tasks safely and in parallel using SSH on a single or a group of servers.


Collection of little utilities that help in the day to day operations.
Including a JSON formatter/validator and a pasteboard with some formatting tweaks / options and many more.

Package Trends

A quick way to compare package downloads across languages. Compare Packagist, PyPI, Hex, npm & WordPress package download statistics.
This application is open source!